MasterHeat, PM-2B, Detector, 120/208/240vac

MasterHeat, PM-2B, Detector, 120/208/240vac

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MasterHeat, PM-2B, Detector, 120/208/240vac
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Product Description

The PM-2B sensor control is used to detect snowfall and low temperature to activate the MasterHeat Mats or Cables. It is a “pole-mounted” control with a “fixed” moisture sensor mounted to the top. The PM-2B offers automatic activation, rain/snow detection, adjustable trigger temperature, and a drying cycle, as well as “manual on” operation. It operates on line voltage (120/208/240V, not 277V) and has a 30 Amp capacity. It is a stand-alone control intended for relatively small systems (up to 30 Amps). It should not be used with our Contactor Pro series of MasterHeat controls, as those are designed for 24V control sensors. The unit measures approximately 5” x 7” x 3”.

A recommended upgrade to the PM-2B is our PM-DP Control Panel. This control allows convenient indoor monitoring and control of the system for manual on, automatic, and standby operation. It communicates with the PM-2B through a simple low-voltage cable.

Product Specifications

SKU: mh_81011699
Manufacturer: MasterHeat
Warranty: 3 Year Parts and Materials
MPN: 81011699