MasterHeat Mix In Floor Heating Mortar

MasterHeat Mix In Floor Heating Mortar

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MasterHeat Mix In Floor Heating Mortar
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Product Description

Our MasterHeat Mix is specifically engineered for covering radiant heat cables and RPM mats. MasterHeat Mix is a fast setting, high strength dry polymer modified mortar that is designed to be mixed with water; no other liquid additive is needed. This product is a cement based multipurpose floor repair and leveling compound. MasterHeat Mix can be installed from 3" thick (with added aggregate) to a 1/16" feather edge.

Suitable for both interior and exterior applications, MasterHeat Mix has excellent adhesion to properly prepared surfaces and is ready for traffic just 1 to 2 hours after installation, depending upon temperature and thickness. This product contains no gypsum.

Packaging and Coverage:

  • Sold in 50lb bags (gray powder)
  • When used directly over heat cable, one bag covers 25 s/f @ 1/4"
  • Over RPM-330 and RPM-V1, one bag covers 23.5 s/f  @ 5/16"
  • Over RPM-500 one bag covers 14.5 s/f @1/2"


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SKU: m-masterheat_50
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Manufacturer: MasterHeat