SunTouch ProMelt™ PM-HSC5 Detector - 24v

SunTouch ProMelt PM-HSC5 Detector - 24v

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SunTouch ProMelt™ PM-HSC5 Detector - 24v
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Product Description

The SunTOuch ProMelt PM-HSC5 Detector is a slab-mounted snow detector. It is used to detect snowfall and low temperature to automatically activate the ProMelt Mats or Cables. It has built-in temperature and moisture detection and a drying cycle after snow melting is complete. It is comprised of a sensor and sensor socket that is embedded in the slab where ProMelt is installed. This sensor operates in conjunction with the SunTouch ProMelt ContactorPro series of ProMelt controls, ordered separately.

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Product Specifications

SKU: st_81012366
Manufacturer: SunTouch
Warranty: 3 Year Limited Warranty
Voltage: 24